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28 Jul '23

Bosatsu RUN

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Bosatsu RUN


Now in Production!

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Unlucky Apparel is proud to announce Bosatsu RUN!, has officially began production. Keep up with game development on our website BLOG and Instagram @unlucky_apparel

By Blonde Nikola.

Jul 28, 2023
Set on the island Laloux, the people are born with spirit-like balls of gas. This spirit would then grow as the person does. Until eventually the spirit is fully developed into an animal that resonates with the person it’s attached to. The People of the island call this animal their Sol Partner. Now for a while that’s all the people thought these animals were. A being sent down to help guide them on a path of good. That’s when one day a brilliant genius of a man named Prometheus found out that you could pull energy from your soul partner and use it to power different devices. This shook the island by a whirlwind. The Energy would then be named Solur. The entire island is now powered on Solur. In some areas of the island the energy would be too strong and portals called Pandoras would begin to open up. UAPs would emerge from Pandora and attack the city people. In order to keep the people safe and to find out more about these creatures, Prometheus created the Sol Force. The Solur Force an organization of heroes that protect the island. They either fight in teams or run solo. They protect and serve the people on the island, while also collecting the DNA of the ancient species. Without them the people would surely be doomed. However, neither the Sol Force or Prometheus are prepared for the unforgivable terrors that awaits their future.