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Unlucky Apparel FAQ!!! XD

Polycephalic Duck is the symbol for Unlucky Apparel. Polycephalic animals have been seen all throughout mythology since the dawn of civilization, both for people’s stances of them being magical and revered or for representing the forces of evil and ill omens. The Two-Headed Duck symbolizes that there's always two sides to your story you can be Unlucky or you can be Magical. It's up to you to decide. <3 
         Among the actions being taken, We are stepping up our cleaning, personal hygiene and sanitizing procedures; providing checklists to help store associates follow proper safety procedures to prevent the spread of the virus; and sending physical and digital notices to our customers about efforts to protect their health and well-being.
Shipping takes 5-20 days depending on how many products you have and your location
(Due to Covid-19 shipping maybe delayed up to 3 months)
Patience is key baby! Please allow time for your order to be processed (Process takes 1-2 Days) , fulfilled (fulfillment takes 5-7 Days) and shipped out (Shipping takes 5-20 Days). Trust me, you'll be happy that you waited. 
You can contact us through our email: Contact@unluckyapparel.com
or you can hit our DMs on our Instagram: @Unlucky_Apparel (Don't for get to follow while your there <3)
Depending on the timing. If you contact us to change your order or cancel it before the fulfillment process starts then we'll be able to do that. Once the fulfillment process starts we can not change nor cancel any orders. 
We work with many different businesses in order to bring the best products to our customers. That being said some products that you order may be from two different companies. So they'll come from two different places, two different packages.... I think you get it now. :)
Sorry to tell you sweetie, but once an order has been shipped out it is out of our hands. You would have to wait for the order to get to you, then go through our refund processes and send the product back.